Nascent Iodine


Iodine crystals are found in sedimentary rocks and desert ores. Iodine is a main ingredient in hormones made by the thyroid, our master metabolic regulating gland. In a perfect world, we would get enough iodine from our diet, but today certain harmful elements (bromine, chlorine and fluorides) specifically displace iodine in the body, causing toxicity. A few drops of iodine a day can do a lot to prevent those substances from interfering with our biology.

Iodine supplementation was an accepted practice for generations, but as of 1980 knowledge of its utility has been suppressed, and prescription drugs have taken over our lives. Iodine promotes apoptosis (regulated cell division), particularly in reproductive organs. Rates of breast cancer and prostate cancer are rapidly rising, possibly due to iodine deficiency, which is now considered a global problem.

Nascent Iodine (1-oz. bottle) $20