Restore: Gut Microbiome Formula


Restore™ is a lignite extract made from ancient desert earth, containing carbon metabolites that are not found in modern soil and are crucial to our health. Developed by Dr. Zachary Bush and Biomic Sciences, LLC, Restore repairs the tight junctions (gaps between cells) in our gut membrane, which modern toxins impair. Leaky gut caused by such toxins affects all Western populations, and according to Dr. Bush, is the root cause of what we call “disease.” (The world’s most prevalent toxin is glyphosate, which is present even in our rainfall and air.)


Learning that compromised health begins in the gut is new for many of us. Restore allows our cell junctions to perform “intelligently,” or as they should — keeping the right things in and the wrong things out. As its special carbon molecules communicate with the mitochondria in our cells, our overall health improves. Restore users report clearer thinking, elevated mood, better digestion, and much more. Try a bottle yourself!


In order to retain these improvements, Restore should be taken on an ongoing basis


Parameter Value

16-ounce (1 month supply, $50), 32-ounce (2 month supply, $70)